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If you have problems with Frozen Shoulder, Trapped-Nerves, Lower Back Pain, Circulation Blockage, Long Term Migraine, Suffering from Depression/Anxiety or Sleeplessness . You can find Traditional Thai Pressure-Point Massage known as Thai Acupressure Massage by Twickenham Green. We also provide various types of Thai massages to suit your needs.

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The Services:

Thai Acupressure Massage

Acupressure is essentially a method of sending a signal to the body to “turn on” its own self-healing or regulatory mechanisms. Normally, vital energy circulates through natural pathways in the body. Blockage of this flow can cause illness and pain. Acupressure helps to correct functional imbalances and restore the flow thus returning the body to a more natural state of well-being.

Acupressure is an effective form of stimulation used to help relax the muscles. If done regularly, this method of massage can sustain improvement and minimize recurrence of symptoms. Be patient and consistent when practising acupressure on them. A simple way to stimulate these points is to press firmly with a finger or a wooden stick in a rotary movement or an up-and-down movement for several minutes at a time.


The claimed benefits of Thai massage are many, including relief from multiple ailments ranging from asthma and migraines to sprains, bruises, and anxiety. Further benefits include the relief of physical and emotional tension, ameliorated sleep, improved flexibility, a greater awareness of body and mind, and a release of blocked energy.

Kay's Technique

As a Thai Pressure-Point Specialist, I combined Thai Pressure Point massage and Thai deep tissue Massage together to maximise the benefit to the client.

Therefore in general, one hour massage session will be provided by first 20 minutes of pressure point massage, followed by some stretching and deep tissue oil massage. However, a massage session can be flexible to suit individual needs.


07866 446660

Please Note:

The treatment is strictly Traditional Thai Therapy only 

Opening Hours:

Tuesday- Friday

11 am - 7 pm


10 am - 7 pm

Sunday & Monday


Price List

30 mins    £30

60 mins    £55

90 mins    £75 ( £10 discount applied )

120 mins  £100 ( £10 discount applied )

Herbal Massage

60 mins   £70


Buy 5 hours get 1 hour free



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