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If you have problems with Frozen Shoulder, Trapped-Nerves, Lower Back Pain, Circulation Blockage, Long Term Migraine, Suffering from Depression/Anxiety or Sleeplessness . You can find Traditional Thai Pressure-Point Massage known as Thai Acupressure Massage by Twickenham Green. We also provide various types of Thai massages to suit your needs.

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The Body & Mind are linked so that our general well being is served by looking at both together when solving either physical or personal problems.

I am an acupressure therapist and a qualified counsellor. Over the years, I have successfully combined the two treatments together to heal both body & mind.

The body & mind treatment works effectively with depression, anger issue, long term headache, anxiety, panic attack and phobia issues. The core of the treatment is to reconnect your mind and body in order for the two to work together as a team. One supports each other. It is impossible for one to exist without other. When you are feeling depressed, the sadness and your body responds to it. You can become very tired, lack energy or motivation, and symptoms like; shoulders start tighten up, stiff neck, feeling sick in your stomach, or having horrible headache. We emotionally store these tensions in parts of our bodies.

Body-Mind Therapy is a psychotherapeutic transformational process that aims to help clients become deeply aware of their body sensations, posture as well as their conscious or unconscious emotions, thoughts, images and behaviour where, the only ‘talk therapy’ alone is not easily accessible for positive change.

The Treatment: How does it work?

My technique is to locate which parts of your body responding to your emotions and I start working on that parts using the pressure-point treatments through massage, reflexology, cranial work, abdominal massage, circulation unblocking. The client can use his/her body to track their own trauma/ disturbance experiences – feelings – emotions. 

We often store negative feelings/emotions in our bodies, the past that we can’t leave behind and often use it to obstructive the present / future. That traps us into the sadness and we often can’t move on. The bitterness then affects our personalities. The body-mind work that I do, is to releasing those negative feelings and you refill it with whatever positivity you want to have, while learning how to recycle the negative emotions out of your system. Someone says you only can be refilled when you are empty.

Body and Mind helps creates ‘self-awareness’, the awareness that is not only cognitive capacity but as a capacity of all aspects of the self – physical, mental and emotional that are interacting and informing each other.

From my professional experiences, clients come because they are in pain whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. They hope to release this pain, to feel relieved physically and emotionally. Their goals is to have the pain reduce and have greater flexibility for their own well-being and peace of mind. 

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